A woman who tries for pageant must have great hair style and a good texture as well. If you are planning to enter one then you must start taking care of your hair. Also you must have ideas in you mind as for how to create a good hairstyle that would suit your face cut and personality. Here are some of the greatest pageant hair tips that you may find useful.

Basic hair care tips before pageant

Pageant Hair Tips

You require having healthy head which is why you must work on hair to get natural shine and strength in your hair. Firstly take a look at your diet and cut off all the junk food and have a balanced diet. Then you must eat nuts and drink loads of water. Have cold water fish such as salmon as it is full of essential nutrients that make the hair shiny and healthy. Use a good shampoo and conditioner on daily basis so that your scalp does not become sticky or catch any allergy before the pageant. Also, clean your hair brush daily so that your hair does not get dirty. These were some basic pageant hair tips that you need to follow.

Types of hairstyle for pageant

One of the most loved hairstyles during the pageant is long loose curls. In case your gown is strapless or has a subtle neckline then this one is meant for you. It would compliment your outfit in the best possible manner. To do it, you require hot rollers. Wash your hair and then blow dry them. Now set rollers in each section of hair (make sure that the sections you make are not more than 3 inches wide) and wait for some time till the rollers cool down. Now remove them and use some hair spray so that the hair style does not wear off during pageant.

Smooth and Voluminous

This style also works in pageant. You require using broad round brush with which you would pull the hair back when you blow dry the hair. Now divide the hair into several sections and then roll them in large rollers. You must roll the entire hair till the root and secure it with bobby pin if required. Remove them when the rollers lose the heat and then apply some glossing hair product. So these were the pageant hair tips. Try them out and sizzle the stage.



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