A trimmer is a best balding clipper which is usually used by men to shape and trim their beards.

A beard trimmer can also be used to trim eyebrows as beard hair and eyebrow hair are similar to one another. Maintaining your eyebrows is an essential part of a gentlemen look. No one likes bushy eyebrows whether a man or a woman. I have a complete guide about how to trim men’s eyebrows with trimmer.

Preparing Eyebrows before Trimming:

It is important to note that your eyebrows are not wet before trimming. Keep them totally dry before the procedure. If needed, you can exfoliate the skin before trimming. Though it is not a necessary step.

Exfoliating (if needed):

Exfoliating the skin will prevent pimples and acne from appearing after trimming. Use a scrub for this purpose. You can also make a homemade scrub by combining sugar, honey, olive oil and lemon juice if you want.


Before trimming, use the comb provided to comb your eyebrow’s hair outwards.

Trimmer’s Setting:

Understanding the settings of your trimmer is essential to achieve a desired look for your eyebrows. The settings also depend upon the thickness of your hair and bushiness of your eyebrows. The highest setting will give you a bushy look and remove less hair. The lowest setting is for precise look. If you have thick hair in large quantity, it is suggested to use the highest setting first to get rid of some thickness and then use the lowest setting to be precise with your eyebrows.

Right Way to Trim:

Trim Men's Eyebrows With Trimmer

Keep your trimmer in contact with your hair all the time or your eyebrows will be uneven. Move your trimmer against the direction of your hair growth which usually is from your temple to the centre of your forehead. If you don’t do this your hair will break halfway through and small dense hair will peek through which can make it look worse than before. If the desired number of hairs have not been removed yet, go over your eyebrows again.


Trimming your eyebrows is painless unlike waxing, threading and plucking. Therefore, if you feel any pain while trimming your eyebrows you should stop immediately because it certainly means that your skin is being cut with the hair.

Taking time:

Don’t rush in this procedure. Give proper time and effort to it. If you do it in a rush you might cut your skin and get a bruise which takes time in healing.

Preventing Cuts:

To prevent cuts and bruises caused by trimmer on your skin is not a hard thing. The only thing to keep in consideration is that you should not put your trimmer in direct contact with your skin, rather keep it a little above from the surface so that it only takes away the hair and not the skin. By keeping it a little above only means keeping it on the hair surface instead of skin surface.

After Care:

After you have achieved the desired eyebrow look, don’t just stop right there. Use water to get the hair away from your face. Then use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type to moisturize your skin after trimming. Make sure your hands are clean so that you don’t welcome any acne or pimples.

Dos and Don’ts:

Important things to keep in consideration are:

1- Don’t use a dirty trimmer. Make sure it is clean before using it.

2- Don’t do it in a rush.

3- Don’t use soap directly after trimming your eyebrows. Wait for at least an hour.

4- Keep the eye beneath the eyebrow closed. (not both eyes, only one at a time)

5- Always clean your trimmer after using it. (Make sure your trimmer is waterproof before cleaning it with water and if not then use a brush for this purpose.)

6- Keep your trimmer in a clean place away from water to prevent bacteria and rust on the trimmer. And dry the trimmer before storing it.

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