Facial and body Permanent hair removal at home is a dream for most of us. Who wouldn’t like to have a smooth, shiny, hairless skin forever? But achieving that is no easy task. A smooth and shiny skin makes you look more attractive, tells others that you are someone who takes good care of your beauty and is even healthy. With a lot of hair comes smell. Nobody wants to hand around a smelly, hairy person.

Let’s admit it. Women have as much hair removal problems as men do. Men are usually at an advantage because it is generally considered okay for men to have some facial or body hair. For women, it is and has always been a no-no. I have, over the past several years, done a lot of research and have even tried many hair removal products in the market.

Some of them were harmless, but ineffective. Some were effective, but painful. Some were simply disastrous. This made me ask, “Is there a technique for permanent hair removal at home?” I finally did find one, but the search for the best permanent hair removal products was long, tiring, and costly. Trust me, permanent hair removal costs at salons are shocking!

The journey for a permanent hair removal at home product

My first stop was Waxing. All that I remember about waxing is the pain. It is extremely painful. Yes, very effective in hair removal, but it is not a permanent hair removal system and the process is very painful. I waxed once. I will never do it again.

My search for the permanent body hair removal method continued. I thought I would give laser a try and went to a place that offered hair removal with laser. When I came to know about the cost, I was still half-willing to undergo the procedure. When the guy at the salon told me the effects of laser hair removal are not always permanent, I was disappointed. When my dermatologist told me that laser treatments could cause side effects, I decided to ditch it. I was also told by my dermatologist not to try electrolysis or any unscientific hair removal treatments and put my health at risk. That really scared me. It never occurred to me that what I considered a cosmetic procedure could threaten my good health.

I’ve found my permanent hair removal at home product!

I then turned to the internet to find a good product for permanent hair removal at home. I wasn’t surprised that there were hundreds of products that guaranteed permanent hair removal at home. Now, I was faced with the problem of plenty. I visited my dermatologist again. Together, we began our research and verification. I would provide him with as much info as I can about the product, and he would cross-check them to find out if the product was genuine or just a scam. We repeated this for at least a hundred products until we reached No No Hair Removal.

I was surprised to know that this product came with a Money-back guarantee. My dermatologist friend cross checked all the technical information that was provided in the website and couldn’t find anything “scammy” about it. I decided to give No No Hair Removal a try. It was very easy to use. With every use, this easy hair removal product slowed down the re-growth of hair on my body. It has been months since I used the product as the hair has not grown back. The product actually slows down hair growth gradually until the effect is permanent. No No Hair Removal is undoubtedly the best product for permanent hair removal at home.


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