One thing that prevents many women from wearing a bikini is the bikini line hair. Wearing a bikini can mean several things to a woman. It gives us a sense of freedom, it helps us get a good sunbath. Most importantly, it makes us feel more confident and tells us we are still sexy and healthy. Going to the beach all dressed up is so uncool!

Is shaving is the best bikini hair removal way?

Most of the women I know of use a razor for bikini line hair removal. It is not the best bikini hair removal method, but is certainly inexpensive. Trust me, it is not easy! One has to be extremely careful while shaving the bikini line hair. The skin in this area is very sensitive.

For some women, shaving can cause the skin to react adversely. If she continues to shave, it can destroy the smoothness of the skin besides causing discoloration. This might even render you unfit to wear a bikini for the rest of your life. If you find that shaving doesn’t go down well with your skin, it is best to stop shaving and wait until you find the best bikini hair removal product.

So waxing must be the best bikini hair removal method!?

Some women feel waxing is the best bikini hair removal option. Yes, it does not cause adverse side effects in most women, but it can be extremely painful. Most of us would have waxed some part of our body and probably know how painful it is. If you are waxing your bikini line hair, you will experience twice as much pain!

Not surprisingly, Laser treatments and Electrolysis are also considered one of the best hair removal products, but they can be really expensive. The treatments can be a little uncomfortable experience as you are letting a total stranger work with your bikini hair! It is worth the money and effort though. But with so many hair removal options available these days, it is good to do some research before assuming laser or electrolysis to be the best bikini hair removal option.

There is no absolutely best hair removal product, that is a fact. Whether or not a product is the best will depend on the individuals requirements. Some women are just fine shaving their bikini line hairs and some strongly feel waxing is the best bikini hair removal technique.

What we have to look for in any bikini hair removal product are its cost, its effectiveness, the absence side-effects, and most importantly the absence of pain. Make sure the product does not cause any damage to the smoothness of your skin. It would be a bonus if the product is capable of slowing down hair re-growth.
There is a painless bikini hair removal product that I use. It is called the No No Hair Removal system. It is not very expensive and totally painless (yay!). I’ve been using it for over a year now and am finding it to be the best bikini hair removal method.


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