How To Trim Men's Eyebrows With Trimmer

How To Trim Men’s Eyebrows With Trimmer?

A trimmer is a best balding clipper which is usually used by men to shape and trim their beards.

A beard trimmer can also be used to trim eyebrows as beard hair and eyebrow hair are similar to one another. Maintaining your eyebrows is an essential part of a gentlemen look. No one likes bushy eyebrows whether a man or a woman. I have a complete guide about how to trim men’s eyebrows with trimmer.

Preparing Eyebrows before Trimming:

It is important to note that your eyebrows are not wet before trimming. Keep them totally dry before the procedure. If needed, you can exfoliate the skin before trimming. Though it is not a necessary step.

Exfoliating (if needed):

Exfoliating the skin will prevent pimples and acne from appearing after trimming. Use a scrub for this purpose. You can also make a homemade scrub by combining sugar, honey, olive oil and lemon juice if you want.


Before trimming, use the comb provided to comb your eyebrow’s hair outwards.

Trimmer’s Setting:

Understanding the settings of your trimmer is essential to achieve a desired look for your eyebrows. The settings also depend upon the thickness of your hair and bushiness of your eyebrows. The highest setting will give you a bushy look and remove less hair. The lowest setting is for precise look. If you have thick hair in large quantity, it is suggested to use the highest setting first to get rid of some thickness and then use the lowest setting to be precise with your eyebrows.

Right Way to Trim:

Trim Men's Eyebrows With Trimmer

Keep your trimmer in contact with your hair all the time or your eyebrows will be uneven. Move your trimmer against the direction of your hair growth which usually is from your temple to the centre of your forehead. If you don’t do this your hair will break halfway through and small dense hair will peek through which can make it look worse than before. If the desired number of hairs have not been removed yet, go over your eyebrows again. (more…)

Hair loss product

Hair loss product

Looking for the right hair loss product may be confusing and complex. When you are trying to find the right treatments for hair loss, you may need to do a little bit of research first. There are so a variety of different things that will help different people and their situations. Choosing the right one for you may take time and some thought.

Many of the hair loss products that are out there are gimmicks. There are some that say they will do this or that for you and do not do anything like you wanted them too. You may be wasting your money when you go this way for help with hair loss.

A good way to find the right hair loss product for you is to ask your health professional. They will be able to give you the best advice to help with this type of problem. They will be able to tell you what you are going to need to make your hair grow faster and healthier. They may even prescribe you some form of medication to help with the problem.

Still have questions about hair loss product? Of course! We aren�t done yet. You may want to save this article for future reference or maybe take a few notes. If you have a pen or pencil and some paper on nearby, you might want to write some of this down or, instead, you can save the information on your computer. You can also bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it whenever you want. (more…)

Arm Hair Removal

A Few Easy Steps For Arm Hair Removal

Arm hair can be embarrassing at times especially if you have a thick layer of it. For most people, arm hair is thickest from the elbows to their wrist. Sometimes this doesn’t go well with your overall style. The best option, therefore, is to get rid of them.

There are several arm hair removal methods, the most common one and probably the easiest too is shaving. The problem with shaving though is that your arm hair grows back fast and it can look a little awkward a couple of days after shaving like it does when you haven’t shaved your beard and moustache for a couple of days. A few days after shaving anyone can tell that you have shaved your arms and that can be very embarrassing. Moreover arm hair removal via shaving can cause rashes, redness and irritation on sensitive skin.

You can trim your arm hair with scissors, which is another easy option. It is best only when you want to just make the arm hair less dense. Having any amount of hair on your arms can make you look less sexy. The smooth arms of a woman are a big turn-on for men. Women themselves find the strong, muscular arms of a man very sexy. If you have arm hair and are not having much luck with members of the opposite sex, it is worth trying out arm hair removal.

Common Arm Hair Removal Methods:

One of the most commonly talked about easy hair removal methods is using laser treatments. Laser treatments could be very expensive and it usually has a permanent effect. Once arm hair is removed using laser, it never grows back. But it will take time, a few sittings, and a lot of money. Laser doesn’t have an affect on all hair types, especially on light hair, laser doesn’t remove light hair so this is another disadvantage of laser. (more…)

Bikini Hair Removal

Best Bikini Hair Removal Methods

One thing that prevents many women from wearing a bikini is the bikini line hair. Wearing a bikini can mean several things to a woman. It gives us a sense of freedom, it helps us get a good sunbath. Most importantly, it makes us feel more confident and tells us we are still sexy and healthy. Going to the beach all dressed up is so uncool!

Is shaving is the best bikini hair removal way?

Most of the women I know of use a razor for bikini line hair removal. It is not the best bikini hair removal method, but is certainly inexpensive. Trust me, it is not easy! One has to be extremely careful while shaving the bikini line hair. The skin in this area is very sensitive.

For some women, shaving can cause the skin to react adversely. If she continues to shave, it can destroy the smoothness of the skin besides causing discoloration. This might even render you unfit to wear a bikini for the rest of your life. If you find that shaving doesn’t go down well with your skin, it is best to stop shaving and wait until you find the best bikini hair removal product.

So waxing must be the best bikini hair removal method!?

Some women feel waxing is the best bikini hair removal option. Yes, it does not cause adverse side effects in most women, but it can be extremely painful. Most of us would have waxed some part of our body and probably know how painful it is. If you are waxing your bikini line hair, you will experience twice as much pain! (more…)

Permanent hair removal

Fast And Easy Permanent Hair Removal At Home

Facial and body Permanent hair removal at home is a dream for most of us. Who wouldn’t like to have a smooth, shiny, hairless skin forever? But achieving that is no easy task. A smooth and shiny skin makes you look more attractive, tells others that you are someone who takes good care of your beauty and is even healthy. With a lot of hair comes smell. Nobody wants to hand around a smelly, hairy person.

Let’s admit it. Women have as much hair removal problems as men do. Men are usually at an advantage because it is generally considered okay for men to have some facial or body hair. For women, it is and has always been a no-no. I have, over the past several years, done a lot of research and have even tried many hair removal products in the market.

Some of them were harmless, but ineffective. Some were effective, but painful. Some were simply disastrous. This made me ask, “Is there a technique for permanent hair removal at home?” I finally did find one, but the search for the best permanent hair removal products was long, tiring, and costly. Trust me, permanent hair removal costs at salons are shocking!

The journey for a permanent hair removal at home product

My first stop was Waxing. All that I remember about waxing is the pain. It is extremely painful. Yes, very effective in hair removal, but it is not a permanent hair removal system and the process is very painful. I waxed once. I will never do it again.

My search for the permanent body hair removal method continued. I thought I would give laser a try and went to a place that offered hair removal with laser. When I came to know about the cost, I was still half-willing to undergo the procedure. When the guy at the salon told me the effects of laser hair removal are not always permanent, I was disappointed. When my dermatologist told me that laser treatments could cause side effects, I decided to ditch it. I was also told by my dermatologist not to try electrolysis or any unscientific hair removal treatments and put my health at risk. That really scared me. It never occurred to me that what I considered a cosmetic procedure could threaten my good health. (more…)

Easy Hair Removal

Can Easy Hair Removal Be That Easy?

When looking for easy hair removal options, many of us don’t realize that we are actually looking for home hair removal options. What is easier than being able to remove unwanted hair at home? Most of us know that there are a lot of hair removal devices and products in the market. There is, however, not enough information on how to find the best hair removal product.

Let us not talk about shaving. You know enough about this easy hair removal technique already. Shaving is certainly the most popular hair removal method too. The second most popular easy hait removal product is, of course, hair removal creams. Although they are advertised as being harmless, some hair removal creams can do serious damage to your skin. They can even peel off portions of sensitive skin. (more…)

Electronic Hair Removal

Understanding Electronic Hair Removal

Electronic hair removal is a permanent hair removal technique which uses electricity or heat to remove hair from its root. The most common electronic hair removal technique is called Electrolysis. Zapping is the technique used in electrolysis to remove hair. Hair removal with electrolysis is not always permanent although in most cases it is. Hair removal using electrolysis may not always go well with people with all skin types. In some people, it might cause pain, irritation, and other side effects.

Should you get a electronic hair removal device?

It is advised that you consult your physician and dermatologist before deciding to undergo an electrolysis hair removal procedure. Many people undergo electrolysis without knowing what the procedure exactly is. In electrolysis, each hair is treated one by one and is therefore painful. (more…)

Remove facial hair

What Is The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair?

We live in a highly fashion and style-conscious society and facial hair is not considered cool here. Women with facial hair are often an object of ridicule while men with facial hair are tolerated, but not accepted. We know it is natural for men to grow facial hair. It is also normal for women to grow light facial hair. Excessive facial hair growth in women is a result of hormonal imbalance. In most cases it is harmless, but can still cause a lot of embarrassment. For many, the search for the best way to remove facial hair is endless.

Men have never been fans of women with facial hair. And, not many women would want their men to have facial hair either. In today’s world, a smooth, shiny, hairless face is considered attractive. Men’s facial hair can be perceived as a sign of laziness and disorderliness. Facial hair, no doubts, affects both professional and personal lives of men and women – invisibly but deeply.

What is the best way to  remove facial hair? Many say shaving is. For most men, it is. However, women shouldn’t even consider shaving their facial hair. Men who are interested in permenant facial hair removal should also start thinking beyond shaving.

So are creames is the best way to remove facial hair?

Most women consider hair removal creams to be the best way to remove facial hair. If your skin does not react wildly to hair removal creams, it certainly is worth trying. Hair removal creams are not a permanent solution, nor does it slow down re-growth of facial hair. There are also men who use hair removal creams for unwanted facial hair removal especially when it grows around their cheekbones.
There are several other home facial hair removal products. There are no guarantees that all of them would work. Some are found to be effective on people with certain skin and hair types. It is better to do an extensive research on the product you are planning to use before you decide to actually buy and use it. (more…)

Pageant Hair Tips

Pageant Hair Tips

A woman who tries for pageant must have great hair style and a good texture as well. If you are planning to enter one then you must start taking care of your hair. Also you must have ideas in you mind as for how to create a good hairstyle that would suit your face cut and personality. Here are some of the greatest pageant hair tips that you may find useful.

Basic hair care tips before pageant

Pageant Hair Tips

You require having healthy head which is why you must work on hair to get natural shine and strength in your hair. Firstly take a look at your diet and cut off all the junk food and have a balanced diet. Then you must eat nuts and drink loads of water. Have cold water fish such as salmon as it is full of essential nutrients that make the hair shiny and healthy. Use a good shampoo and conditioner on daily basis so that your scalp does not become sticky or catch any allergy before the pageant. Also, clean your hair brush daily so that your hair does not get dirty. These were some basic pageant hair tips that you need to follow. (more…)

Hair Removal Cream

What Makes Hair Removal Cream To Be The Best

What’s a hair removal cream?

Unwanted hair has been your annoying problem since then, however you are not planning to spend a fortune on undergoing a laser hair removal as well, nor undergo the painful process of waxing. Well I just might have the perfect option for you- hair removal cream. There is no doubt that it is the most affordable, quickest and risk-free method of getting rid of those unwanted hair.

Why choose hair removal cream over other treatments:

It is not a hidden fact that nowadays, people are getting more and more busy with their everyday lives that they can’t even afford to allot time to take care of themselves. In these times that one cannot find the time to have appointments on salons, a hair removal cream can indeed be an amazing help. It is undeniably the most uncomplicated way among the several types of hair removal procedures because in just a matter of minutes, you can already say goodbye to unwanted hair. (more…)

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